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Why should I use plant identification markers?

Gardeners often deeply regret not marking their expensive plants and beautiful garden with high-quality, well-designed plant identification markers and marking technology.  Until now, there were not very good options available.

The plant tags that come with your plant purchases are meant to be temporary nursery labels and are not made to last in winter conditions or stay in the ground.  They are easily removed by wind, rakes, power blowers and more and some become brittle and snap.  Then, gardeners become very unhappy!

We have created a COMPLETE EASY-TO-USE SYSTEM that meets gardeners needs - for plant markers, marking and finding plant data online.

Our solutions are durable, sun, weather and salt resistant, stay in the soil where intended, stay together but yet are interchangable.

Why Do I Need Garden Markers?

  • You can better care for your plants by having care and over-wintering instructions right where you need them! Great for flowers, trees, vegetables, herbs, etc!
  • Know your plant varieties every season and every year! Stop buying duplicates or forgetting the plant's name.
  • Organize and plan your garden even when plants are dormant or not in bloom. You’ll make sure any new plants complement your existing ones.
  • Keep your plants’ value for sales or plant swaps by knowing the plant names. Also, landscaping can increase your property value by up to 25%!
  • Show off your professional-looking, organized garden and educate visitors or have garden tours!
  • Support the environment by educating people about plants needed by pollinators, animals and people for food, shelterand medicine.
  • Get young people excited about plants.  It all starts with knowing a plant’s name!

What Information Should I Include?

  • Plant name, Latin botanical name, hybridizer, year introduced, plant parent

  • Care requirements like fertilizer, water, sun, over-wintering

  • When purchased / planted so you can track its growth

  • Pollinator friendly for bees, butterflies, birds

  • Poisonous plant (important for pets and people!)

  • Sport / mutation for hybridizing

  • Gift plants, family heirlooms, memorials

  • Benefactor’s name for public gardens

Other labeling ideas

  • “Welcome to my garden” 

IDeal Offers Many Customizable Options

Everyone has different preferences for how they want their garden markers, labels and engravings to look. Some want plant signs to stand out, and others want discreet signs. Our many options in IDeal™ Garden Markers, labels, and engravings let you choose the best combination for your plant labeling needs.

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