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21 unique benefits our IDeal Garden Markers offer that many other markers don't

January 6, 2017  

We are very sorry but we are a few days behind on having the retail portion of our website finished.

In 2017 we are selling to resellers for the first time after successfully selling direct to our online customers since 2010.  In addition to our IDeal Garden Marker Stake and Nameplates, our design online services for labels and engravings will increase your retail sales efforts!  

Our research indicates gardeners want a COMPLETE SYSTEM for identifying their plants and we offer that!  

Gardeners also want to get their markers immediately and to eliminate shipping costs - and thus buy from you locally.

Based upon our research, sales and customer testimonials we know we are offering a significant opportunity for resellers to earn money from selling our high-volume, high-margin, easy-to-sell product and to help you solve your customer's vexing plant identification problems.

Learn more about reselling IDeal Garden Markers.

Thanks for your understanding our brief delay and updates will follow SOON!  

Tom Carlson, Owner

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