Small Black Ideal Garden and Plant Marker Nameplate
Large Green Ideal Garden Marker Nameplate for plants made of plastic
large black Ideal Garden Plant Marker Nameplate
IDeal Garden Marker Nameplates for plant labels in a bundle and in 3 different colors
Garden Markers in ground
Different Garden Markers
Large gray Ideal garden marker plastic plant nameplate
small green ideal Garden Marker and plant marker nameplate
Garden Marker Nameplate text label for plant identification
IDeal™ Plant Marker Nameplates (pack of 10)

IDeal™ Plant Marker Nameplates (pack of 10)

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Make Plant Markers by writing down the names of your plants, flowers, and other Flora on our Nameplates. 

  • Great for identifying your plants, flowers, and trees.
  • Can be easily switched or replaced, yet remains securely attached to stake, so never worry about it falling off
  • Special plastic prevents label adhesives and paint pen writing from slipping off which keeps your nameplates consistent over time
  • Write or adhere labels to either side, try writing the plant name on the front and instructions for care on the back
  • 2 Nameplate sizes: 3.5" wide by 1.25" or 1.75" deep

*** Stakes sold separately ***