What Products do you sell?

Products we sell include IDeal™ stakes & nameplateslabelsengravingspaint penssample kits, and gift certificates. Our labels and engravings are made to adhere to IDeal™ plastic nameplates. We also offer handwritten paint pens that are long-lasting in outdoor use.

Are Stakes and Nameplates sold together? In what Quantity?

We sell garden markers differently than most vendors because we sell the stakes and nameplates separately, in any quantity.

We offer six (6) different plastic nameplates, in 3 colors (black, gray, and green) and 2 sizes.

The stainless steel stakes that attach to the nameplates come in 4 lengths (7 in., 11 in., 20 in.) and 3 "viewing angles" (straight, 45°, and 90°.)

With this many options, it makes sense to sell stakes and nameplates separately- just don't forget to order both! 

What do you mean by IDeal™ Garden Marker?

The IDeal™ Garden Marker is our plant identification marker, which is consists of 2 parts - a stainless steel stake and a plastic nameplate (each part sold separately) uniquely designed to create a secure fit but they are also interchangable. IDeal™ Garden Markers is also the name of our company.

Can I find IDeal™ Garden Products in stores?

At this time, you can only find IDeal™ Garden Markers on this website.

Why Do I Need Garden Markers?

  • You can take better care of your plants by having care and over-wintering instructions right where you need them! Great for flowers, trees, vegetables, herbs, etc!
  • Know your plant varieties every season and every year! Stop buying duplicates or forgetting the plant's name.
  • Organize and plan your garden even when plants are dormant or not in bloom. You’ll make sure any new plants complement your existing ones.
  • Keep your plants’ value for sales or plant swaps by knowing the plant names. Also, landscaping can increase your property value by up to 25%!
  • Show off your professional-looking, organized garden and educate visitors or have garden tours!
  • Support the environment by educating people about plants needed by pollinators, animals and people for food, shelterand medicine.
  • Get young people excited about plants.  It all starts with knowing a plant’s name!

What Information Should I Include?

  • Plant nameLatin botanical name, hybridizer, year introduced, plant parent

  • Care requirements like fertilizer, water, sun, over-wintering

  • When purchased / planted so you can track its growth

  • Pollinator friendly for bees, butterflies, birds

  • Poisonous plant (important for pets and people!)

  • Sport / mutation for hybridizing

  • Gift plants, family heirlooms, memorials

  • Benefactor’s name for public gardens

Do You Offer Free Shipping?

As of right now, we currently do not offer free shipping. We're still a small business that ships all of our products in house. So we cannot afford to offer free shipping at this point in time, but we do whatever we can to make sure the shipping rates for you are reasonable.