About Our Business

We're a small business located in Roseville, Minnesota that wants to give every gardener a better Plant Label for plant identification that wouldn't be flimsy and easily destructible like most of the other types on the market.

Experienced inventor, Tom Carlson, owner of IDeal™ Garden Markers and HostasDirect, Inc., never found a garden marker he liked in his 44+ years of gardening. He set his mind on completely meeting his and other gardeners' needs with a new plant identification marker design and marketing system.

Over 1,300 gardeners responded to an 11 page detailed survey and told us about their garden marker needs and past frustrations. Their previous garden markers were eye-sores,  not sun-resistant,  fell apart, rusted, spun, came out of the ground,  trapped debris between two wires, got bent by hoses, were difficult to write on or too small for their information, and they could not write on the back side of their markers.

Tom, an owner of four other patents, tested and then decided on several lengths, bends, colors and nameplate sizes. Two outstanding mechanical engineers and manufacturers were hired to create the best fit between the stainless steel stake and the nameplate. After many adjustments, the best garden marker ever was born!

IDeal Garden Markers has happy customers around the USA, in several countries, and is nationally recognized in the Top 5 Plant Tags, Ties, and Marker Vendors by Dave’s Garden, the largest gardening website in the world.

IDeal Garden Markers is a one-stop shop for all of your plant identification stake, nameplate, engraving and labeling needs.  It features owner Tom Carlson's invention for a unique stake and nameplate design called The IDeal Garden Marker, design online engraving and label software and more that was developed after 1,300 avid gardeners completed an 11 page 28 question survey AND from Tom's 45 years of gardening experience.  You can read about the history of the IDeal Garden Marker.

  • IDeal Garden Markers - the best plant identification markers including interchangeble stakes and nameplates ever available!
  • Design online durable and sun-resistant garden labels and garden engraved nameplates.
  • Paint pens with durable ink for marking plant tags, plant nameplates, and plant labels.

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