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Background of IDeal Garden Markers

IDeal Garden Markers was established in 2009 in Roseville, Minnesota by Tom Carlson, also the owner of HostasDirect, Inc. a seller of plants. Our mission is to provide gardeners with plant identification systems that are functional, versatile and can withstand outdoor elements without detracting from a garden’s natural beauty.

For Tom Carlson, garden markers are essential to his garden and hosta nursery. However, after years of searching and trying different products, he found no existing product met his needs. With his history as an inventor as well as a lifelong gardener, he knew he could design a better product and has!

1,300 gardeners responded to our 11-page, 28 question survey which asked them about their garden marker needs and their experiences with the products they had tried. The response confirmed that the demand for a better garden marker was widespread. With the help of two mechanical engineers, Tom created the IDeal Garden Marker, which we believe to be the best product on the market!

About Our Plant ID Stake and Nameplate Products

The IDeal Garden Marker is a two-piece interchangeable product with several options for each piece, making it customizable for each customer’s changing needs. Both the stake and the nameplate are designed to withstand sunlight, precipitation, most chemicals, and heat or cold and be very attractive.  The single wire design is very unobtrusive in the garden, traps less debris than two-wire designs and also makes it easier to use rakes or power blowers.

The stakes and nameplates meet gardener’s needs. Our galvanized or stainless steel stakes come in 3 viewing angles (straight and 45 degree in all sizes and 90 degree in 7” only) and 4 lengths (7”, 11”, 20” and 30”). Each stake has a unique large double-bend to anchor it into the ground, keeping it secure during gardening tasks and over winter’s freeze and thaw. Green, black or gray sun-resistant plastic nameplates (available in 3.5” width x 1.25” or 1.75” height) are uniquely designed to fit securely on the stakes yet are interchangeable. The nameplate’s flat surface is perfect for handwriting plant names with sun-resistant acrylic paint pens on the front and back and works well with adhesives for labels or attaching engravings. The paint pen marking can be removed with an easy to use solvent pen or turpentine and new text can be applied!

Since our products went online in 2010, our customers have included hobby gardeners, large estates, arboretums, parks, and community gardens in the United States and Canada. Many are repeat customers who gave positive reviews. Tom has also tested and used IDeal Garden Markers in his own hosta nursery garden, proving the product lasts year to year, even through harsh Minnesota winters. We recently made a slight change to make the nameplate even stronger without changing its popular look. Our product has indeed proven to beat gardeners’ expectations and satisfy their needs.

About Our Design Online Custom Labels and Engraving Products

Custom, attractive botanical garden quality engravings and weather and sun-protected labels in various colors and fonts can be designed and ordered online on our site. Customers can use our Excel template to easily upload their plant names and data. To accommodate long plant names we expand the engraved face plate widths instead of condensing fonts or providing confusing word wrapping as our competitors do. Some fantastic enhanced software options are coming soon. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.

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