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January 6, 2017

IDeal Garden Markers will be wholesaling to resellers starting in 2017!

Our unique plant identification products and system have been successfully sold online to our customers since 2010. They love our products and an design online service but want to purchase our products immediately locally and eliminate shipping costs! 

Our plant identification markers offer resellers a high volume, high margin opportunity and you can solve a vexing problem for your customers with not only a unique product but an entire unique system – design online labels and engravings.

Please read our customer testimonials.

We desire to expand our distribution by partnering with resellers.

Please email us your contact information and let us know how we can contact you, help or improve.

Major new improvements are coming soon.  We will:

  • Add more products to our product line
  • Provide display and marketing materials options for retailers
  • Offer new pricing for resellers
  • Offer expanded plate widths product for longer plant names
  • Videos to help you understand our product line and sell it
  • Videos to place on a monitor that you can put close to our product to increase your sales
  • Enhanced design online software to include additional formatting, sizing, garden icons, easier uploads, QR and bar codes and more. This broadened capability will help you increase your sales as gardeners want a SYSTEM including an option for quality engravings or labels
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