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Ideas for Selling IDeal Garden Markers

As we are selling to resellers for the first time in 2017 so you will likely be the first in your area to sell our IDeal Garden Markers.

Gardeners have been so disappointed with other plant markers on the market you might not only sell a lot of markers but also increase your store’s traffic. And, with gardeners the word of mouth can spread fast thru garden clubs, neighborhoods, churches, schools and more.  

We will be supporting your efforts with online marketing, press releases, trade shows, videos and more.

One of the major reasons more gardeners do not use plant identification markers is simply because previous plant markers have been such low-quality! They fall apart, come out of the ground, are not durable, functional, interchangeable, or attractive.

If you read our testimonials, customers are often THRILLED to find our product.

Our product is a perfect impulse buy while your customers check out.

A computer monitor displaying how to use videos would take little space. Studies show this tactic has a huge ROI and increases sales significantly.

We will be making videos that can be updated and streamed from the cloud that will help sell our plant identification markers. The return on investment is fast!

We want to work with all of our resellers.   Please complete our Contact Us form and let us know how we can help.  And, please sign up for our enewsletter.

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