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IDeal Marketing Resources

We will work hard to be a good, trustworthy, innovative, reliable supplier and marketing partner for you. 

Please contact us regarding your contact information, suggestions, marketing and product needs.

In the near future we will be offering:

  • Display Stand Options:  For displaying our product at retail stores

  • QR Coded Signage:  allow your customers to scan with their Smart Phone and take them to an internet page with a video about the IDeal Garden Marker, see customer testimonials, markers in customer’s gardens, etc.

  • QR Code signage:  show how your customers can easily upload their data and design online botanical-garden-quality engravings and labels complete with QR codes, bar codes, garden icons, formatting and size options and more.

  • Postcards - PDF templates:  recommendations and templates for postcard mailings and related vendors so you can attract more customers to your store and help sell the IDeal Garden Marker

  • Brochures - PDF templates:  brochures customers can take home. You can add your store's name and address easily and print them out on ink jet printers, copiers, etc. or order them from us online.
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