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IDeal FAQ for resellers

Has your product been field tested?

Yes, we launched our product in 2010 to online gardeners and have also tested it ourselves in our own gardens and growing nursery - in full sun and shade - thru Minnesota winters and hot summers. And, we have asked our customers for their feedback for new design improvements via a survey. We made one slight modification to the plastic nameplate. The stakes, engravings, labels and paint pens are field tested. We are confident our product meets gardener’s needs, our product is durable and customers continue to reorder.

Do you get many returns or unhappy customers?

Quite the opposite.  Most customers have tried other products for years (like we did), disliked them and are thrilled to find our product.  Please read our customer testimonials.

When did you start reselling your products through retailers, catalogers and others?

2017 is the first year we are selling through resellers. Our customers want to purchase locally to eliminate delivery shipping delays and shipping costs.

Do you have a recommended Manufacturer’s Selling Price?

We will be announcing them soon.

Is your product made in the USA?

Our stakes and nameplates are made in the USA by outstanding manufacturers. Currently, our paint pen is made overseas but we will have a USA manufacturer shortly.

How will you be packaging your product?

We are creating beautiful packaging that puts individual same specification componenents in separate bags.  As an example, there will be a bag of 11" 45 degree bend stakes and a separate bag of green 3.5 x 1.75 nameplates.   That way the customer can further customize what they want based upon their needs. As of 1-9-17, after feedback from retailers, we are finalizing our packaging soon. Feel free to express your needs and ideas any time.

How much lead time do you prefer to insure I get my order when I want?

We prefer 2.5 months for large orders. As soon as we get resupplied we will have ample inventory on hand but it is always challenging to predict sales.  Thus, it is in your best interest and we appreciate having advanced notice on orders – especially on large orders. 

What are your payment terms?

In most cases we need payment via credit card. We want to keep our costs as low as possible. One way to do that is to eliminate the need for a credit department and bad debt.

Why do you offer Design Online services and how does that help me sell your product?

Some customers will not buy stakes and nameplates unless they can have affordable, classy, engraved botanical garden quality nameplates or labels. Thus, we offer both custom engravings and labels that the customer can design online and then upload their plant lists. This unique service will actually help resellers sell more stakes and plates.  When they buy stakes and plates locally from you they do not have to pay shipping as they do if they buy from us direct.

Will you be offering additional design online services soon?

Yes, although we offer the only garden marker design online service we are aware of now, our next generation of software will allow gardeners more formatting options, gardening icons, QR and bar codes, online proofing, and more.  We will also be offering some new materials for engravings

Would you consider supplying your product as individual units and not in bags?

Yes, but you might find it takes more time to check people out, have a bigger problem with theft, etc.

Will IDeal Garden Markers be offering some different products online than you might sell to retailers?

Yes.  Gardeners might want certain colors, lengths, and sizes that are not ordered in large enough quantities to justify us doing packaging and carrying a large inventory.  As an example, we have found Gray nameplates do not sell as well as Black and Green.  However, some gardeners want to match their gray stone to a gray nameplate, etc. and they are existing customers.  Thus, we might not offer gray to resellers but carry some online.

Will you promote our store and store location on your site?

Yes, we would be happy to.  We will likely being using Google Maps to enable this.  More to follow


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