December 02, 2015 2 min read

Plant markers makes it easier for any gardener to identify their plants and the following blog talks about the advantages of using plant markers and plant labels. It also mentions their features and the reasons for their rising popularity.

Identity your plants and beautify your garden with plant markers

In order to make your garden stand out from the rest you need to add variety but the variety and iridescence of any garden comes with a cost. A gardener needs to dutifully remember the vital pieces of information like a plant’s scientific name, name of it genus, species and cultivar and even its water requirements and specific characteristics and attributes.Undoubtedly, the whole procedure can be a little cumbersome for any gardener, be it an amateur or an expert. In order to overcome this difficulty, plant tags have become the latest fashion among gardeners worldwide. And not only regular gardeners but even kitchen gardeners can revamp their garden with herb garden signs.

These permanent plant labels give your garden an informative look as they exhibit all the significant facts relating to any plant in a trendy manner. While buying these plant tags one doesn’t need to be worried about their quality as these plants tags are weather-proof and can bear the harshest climatic conditions with ease.

These labels often come with plant stake which you can use to support the tender saplings in your garden. These stakes are available in stainless steel and can give a shimmering elegance to your garden and gardeners who don’t wish to add these can go for simplistic green colored metal garden stakes. These stakes not only encourage growth but also help you to facilitate growth as they can be bent in different angles.

Plant markers have become a prerequisite of any gardener’s kit and one can also add a touch of personalization with the special paint pens. These pens are available in a plethora of colors ranging from pink to ecstatic gold and have a special light-fast ink; though all markers can be customized and designed according to specifications provided by customers but with these paint pens, you can decorate your plant tags with your own calligraphy. These tags are durable and the print on them is secured by polyester lamination and user can choose from the quaint wooden markers to the sturdy metal markers. With these sun-resistant, abrasion-resistant and chemical-resistant markers, you can ensure that the text won’t fade away with changing seasons.

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