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Build your Own Custom Garden Markers using our Stainless Steel Stakes and Nameplates.

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The IDeal™ Garden Marker for Plant Identification

Gardeners often regret not marking their expensive and beautiful plants with high-quality and well-designed garden markers.  Until now, there have not been many good options available.

The plant tags that come with your plant purchases are meant to be temporary nursery labels and are not made to last in winter conditions or stay in the ground.  They are easily removed by wind, rakes, and power blowers. Some of them also become brittle and snap. That could make any gardener unhappy. 

We have created an Ideal Garden Marker that meets gardeners' needs for plant identification. The stainless steel stakes remain sturdy in the soil where they were intended to be while having attached nameplates that are interchangeable. Our solutions are durable and resistant to the sun, salt, and weather.

IDeal Garden Marker Featured Products

custom garden marker bundle with steel stakes and plastic nameplates

Custom Garden Marker Bundles

Order the Complete Garden Marker with both the Nameplates and Stainless Steel Stakes Together

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Large green garden and plant identification marker nameplate 3.25 x 1.75

Ideal Plant Marker Nameplates

Nameplates for writing your plant names and can be easily switched out on our Steel Stakes. Comes in 2 sizes and 3 neutral colors that won't distract from your garden.

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Ideal Stainless Steel Metal Garden and Plant Marker Stake 45 degrees

Ideal Plant Marker Stakes

Stainless Steel Stakes that securely attach to Nameplates. These stakes stay firmly in the ground and won't be knocked over from wind, rakes, or animals. Comes in multiple sizes and angles

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Ideal Garden Marker Sample Kit

An easy Sample Kit for people who just want to try out our Garden Markers.

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White Deco Color Paint Pen with extra fine tip for writing on garden markers

DecoColor Paint Pens

Use these paint pens with sun resistant ink to write down anything on your Garden Markers. Comes in 2 tip sizes and multiple colors.

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Ideal Engravings Products

On Our sister website, we sell Printed Plant Labels and Custom Engraved Plant Nameplates.

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The product arrived quickly in perfect condition. It is easy to use and more sturdy than my past purchase from another company. I plan to order more!

Jane S.

Quick service and prompt delivery of garden markers :)
Having tried 2 or 3 other brands of garden markers, these are the best by far. I was recommended you by one of my neighbors and I will happily recommend you to the members of my garden club!

Anne W.

I have been ordering the IDeal Garden Markers for public gardens since 2014. The quality and price are excellent. The printed labels have held up quite well and I only started to replace them in 2017. The original nameplates, although slightly faded, and the stakes are still in use.

Susan R.